Hi, I’m Steve Ellison

I’m an experience fitness professional currently located in Dallas, TX (Born in San Antonio, TX).

Growing up, I was a tall, lanky basketball player sitting at 6’3″ 140lbs. Even though I was technically a “jock” I never really fit-in due to being very shy and introverted. Problems at home and a lack of confidence kept me in my comfort zone. If I wasn’t playing sports, my time usually went towards gaming, creating art, watching cartoons, or reading manga (Japanese comic books).

One of my favorite cartoons “Batman The Animated Series” really stood out to me. The whole concept of Bruce Wayne (Batman) being fit, intelligent, charismatic, and successful stood out to me. He wasn’t a stereotype – a typical “jock” (fit, and popular, but refuses to open a book or care about his future) or “nerd” (intelligent, but refuses to workout or take risks). Batman was a balanced character. The same can be said about Tony Stark (Ironman).

My fitness journey started with one question, “Why can’t I ?”

Inspired by superheroes, and action stars – my fitness journey began in 2011.

The first few months were the hardest. I was too afraid to leave my house so I just worked out in my bedroom. After about two months, I worked up the courage to start going for runs at a local park. One year into training, I had a six pack for the first time in my life! That was just the beginning…

Just over 10 years later today, at (6’3″ 210lbs) I implement a versatile fitness lifestyle which enables me to build muscle while maintaining a lean and aesthetic physique year round. I’ve trained clients, managed a gym, worked in entertainment for over five years, and I have even helped other fitness influencers produce content.

Tall Transform was created to help others achieve their fitness goals while maintaining long-term lifestyle benefits.



Email : steve.talltransform@gmail.com

Dallas, TX

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